Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 Down and Like.... 30 More to Go!

I finished two more layouts this morning, while I was home - for the free give-away.  Although, I don't think that the website owners have gotten their codes up yet, these are my screen shots.

I am also going to ask..... since I do this rather quickly, if you have not EMAILED me yet with photos, colors, or pattern ideas, then when it's TIME for me to do YOUR layout, I will either skip it if I have no idea what to do, or I will just do what I want. And when I do.... please don't ask me to change it. Don't get me wrong, I am not being "mean" but I am giving away like 30 layouts and they are time consuming to make and re-code as it is, so if you don't tell me what you want from the get-go, then I am just gonna do what I think is best for you and your site.

Ofcourse, because I do not run your site myself and cannot put the codes in to  preview it, there might be little kinks here & there. In that case, if you email me- I will be happy to fix it. Some people have mentioned that they are seeing a "watermark" or "phantom image" (which is some text that is invisible) and only visible when they highlite their entire page. That is normal. I have it on mine too, and truth be told, I just cannot figure out how to get rid of it. Every time that I thought I found a way, something else goes off kilter, so instead I just make it invisible to the human eye ;) Besides that everything else should be fine!!

This is for Sara at Running for Myself.  She told me that she loves colors, tattoos, and pretty much everything that I like - so I think she will like this layout. Not sure if she has gotten my email yet, or seen this.

And this is for Michel over at Baby Weight, My Fat Ass.  Which.... I fell in love with this layout right after I was done with it. Which is funny because whenever I do a layout that I love, I want to change mine again. If you check out her site, I think she already has the layout up but wants some tweeking on it....

Now, I've had a super long day off, and although I am "kind of" tired and its almost midnight, I might attempt another layout design for the next person in line. If not done tonight, I will finish a couple hopefully tomorrow.


sarah said...

I did get your email I just have to actually figure out how to put the layout into my blog. Haha. I'm kind of slow like that. I just noticed though on the layout here that my name is missing an H. So I didn't know if you could fix that? I'm sorry! I hate to ask since you were nice enough to make it for me and everything. But thank you!!!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

OMG! I love your creativity! I would love for you to do one for my blog! You're so creative!

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

Like the ole folk say, "Bless Your Heart." And those waiting better not give you a hard's free! If they, do let me know:-) I can't wait to see what you do for my friend God's Favorite Shoes!!!

Miss Felicity said...

Sorry I missed the "h" at the end of your name haha, but its an easy fix. I will email you tomorrow. Also, feel free to add me on facebook, I might be able to help you better install your layout if we "chat"

& thanks girls - I will be making your layouts too. Trina, your mom's is actually NEXT on my list!

MJCooper42 said...

Miss Felicity,
the pages you've designed look AWESOME!

Miss Felicity said...

Thanks MJCooper.
I will be working on newer layouts to people I owe to soon, Ive just been working alot, sorry for the slackin!

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