{ The Story }

I took fashion/interior design, so I've always been 'creative' - I've always written poetry, told stories, and painted pictures. So at some point it was only natural that I got into web design and blogging too. I learned very quickly and made some amazing friends fast, who lived all over the country, taking the time to teach me via instant message, emails, and web cam and sharing their photo shop tools and tricks. It was just about the time that Myspace was becoming really popular and posting comments and graphics on people's pages, websites, or blogs was the biggest thing!

I eventually started a graphic's site of my own, which led to two or three sites, which then led to joining a forum with a hundred other people that allowed us to "sell" our graphics to other web owners who wanted to "buy" them. It became a full time job for me, from home. I don't mean to brag but I was one of the TOP seller's on the site and I had dedicated customers. I was making 100-1000 graphics a week for websites and I was getting paid anywhere from 10 cents a graphic to five dollars a graphic. It was definately enough money to live off at the time and something I was in love with. After three years, my computer crashed, I lost everything I ever made, all my tools, programs, and anything that would allow me to continue. With that, I sold both of my websites for $2,000. My boyfriend {who is my husband now} and I, took that money and got our first apartment on the beach.

Web design, graphic making, and blogging are things that I will always have a passion for. And I am hoping that eventually I will buy new programs, replace what I've lost, and do something similar, but for now, atleast I have these photos to look back on - of all my amazing layout changes on my site! Enjoy.

Jazzy-Jazz is still up and running with the new owner I sold it to, back in 2008. Although, my old (shittier versions of a layout) is still up and it has never been updated once. You can still see my name there with all of my information and every single graphic that I designed (and some that I bought from other friend designers) on the site. Flawless-Space was sold to someone else, who either sold it to another person, or combined two websites into one - I don't often visit that site though because it was just something extra for me, and I didn't love that one like I loved Jazzy-Jazz. But feel free to check them out.

It's funny because when I was redesigning my personal blog and looking for CYSTIC FIBROSIS graphics (which I have) I came across a few different websites and I laughed because ALL of the CF graphics they had on their sites were ALL made by ME! Back when I was selling them off to other sites. Nobody ever heard or knew much about CF and just like keeping diabetes, cancer, and other diseases awareness in people's minds (and computer screens) I came up with a great idea to spread the word about CF and it worked. It's great to see almost three years later after I designed the originals that they are still floating around on the internet. It makes me proud!

Now - I am working full time in a pharmacy, hoping to get into pharmacy school, trying to get pregnant, trying to give my apartment an 'Extreme Home Makover', while crafting and making my own hair & clothing accessories (hoping to have a website or shop) and doing web/graphic design on the side. Because it's been so long since I had a network of customers I decided to give away {free personalized layouts} through out the month of July. The turn around has been great but has me REALLY busy- but it will be well worth it for my portfolio. And eventually I can earn extra income at it, again.

Toodles xox