Thursday, July 28, 2011

Everyone Read This!

Whoever asked for a free layout...

I got your request! Either by commenting my other post, or by the email that you had sent me. I tried to reply back to everyone, if I missed you it was accidentally, sorry it's hard to keep up.

You can click on the link at the top of my page that says { To-Do List } & see where you stand.

I need each of you to email me at {}
and please include the following:
-Your name, website's link, website's name, & any taglines or quotes you want me to use.
-Attach any photos, color combinations, and idea of  patterns you like (stripes, zebra,  polkadots etc)
- Please give me any helpful information.... do you like owls, rainbows, choc chips, anything.

Ofcourse, if you do not provide me with anything that helps me, I will do what I want anyways lol.

Also, I should have been more clear. The give-away was for {blogger} layouts, only because that is what I have re-familiarized myself with recently. Although I coded for numberous websites in the past, it's been a long time. So those of you with wordpress, or tumblr, I put your names at the bottom of the list & ofcourse I will try and code you layouts for those sites! Problem is, I just do not have accounts on those sites! So when I am about ready to work on your designs I will email you with some questions.... sorry for the inconvenience.

And do not feel discouraged if you are #16 on my { To-Do List } because I am pretty fast at what I do. I've given away 4 layouts in the past week, so.... just be as patient as you can and look forward to having an amazing personalized layout soon. Plus, free is well worth the wait, right?

Anyways - I have alot of work so I'll end this post here. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me. Again, if I dont get back to you right away its because I am busy, not online, at work, or picking my nose and youll hear from me soon!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I am interested in starting a blog. Please let me know what I will need to step up the page.

Vibrant1 said...

I will be emailing you after work :) i get off at 5 pm

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